For beginner students, the first couple of lessons will go over the basics of the violin- how to hold the violin, different parts of the violin, the string names, how to hold the bow and most importantly how to make a sound on the instrument!

After a few lessons of getting familiar with the instrument we will dive right into playing some music!

The student will learn how to read music following the ‘Fiddle Time Joggers’ book or any other preferred beginner book. The ‘Fiddle Time Joggers’ is a great beginner book filled with fun tunes, duets, illustrations and has a CD full of backing tracks that you can play along with.

Alongside this we will build a strong technical foundation, develop a good ear and theory knowledge. For young beginners- this will include games, puzzles and worksheets!

Intermediate - Advanced

To start with we will discuss what genre of music you would like to explore whether that is classical, traditional folk music, pop or any other genre that springs to mind!

We will then build a repertoire of music around the styles you like. For learning Classical we offer the ABRSM Graded exams 1-8.

The lessons will also include technique, theory and listening exercises to help you become a more well-rounded musician.


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