Our nursery classes aim to introduce children to music at an early age and make it fun for everyone.

The 30-45 minute sessions can be split between the age groups 0-2 years old and 3-5 years old.

Each class will be based around a seasonal theme or a story which we will explore throughout the class. The sessions will begin with some followed vocal exploration. These are used to warm up our voices and include animal sounds or silly noises which help children explore pitch, rhythm, tempo, dynamics and other forms of musical expression.

We will then go on to either discuss our seasonal theme with the children or begin story time, both of which will include singing activities. Everything we have learned throughout the session will then be brought together in a group game, which will include movement and allow the children the chance to explore percussion instruments, developing teamwork and listening abilities.

For 0-2 years old our approach is similar but with a focus on gradually introducing the children to different kinds of music by using familiar tunes and nursery rhymes. Through call and response activities and the use of percussion instruments, we will help to develop their musical and fine motor skills. We also include elements such as sensory play which helps to engage everyone including those who are reluctant to take part or who have additional needs.

Through these combined activities we aim to increase the children’s confidence and aural awareness as well improving their communication and social skills. Enquire today about starting music classes in your nursery.


My daughter has enjoyed Hanah’s lessons since she started. Hanah‘s encouragement gave her motivation. In spite of the COVID-19 situation, Hanah’s lessons were never stopped. She quickly switched to online lesson from in-person, then introduced the individual log on page on the website. Since the first lockdown, school and social activities were different from before. Although Hanah’s lessons are online, these are regular events and give us some sort of normality, which we appreciate. Hanah is very creative, enthusiastic and well organised which we like!

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