Mini Musicians

A piano readiness course for ages 3-4. Each themed group class includes music, games, songs and listening activities, designed to introduce your child to the piano.

In Edinburgh only.

KeyNotes Group Piano Lessons


Piano prep classes for pre-schoolers. Nurturing and developing 9 key pre-piano skills, including fine motor skills, listening, patterns and rhythm & pitch. Themes make learning cohesive and engaging for our youngest learners, as well as bringing the meaning of music and how it communicates to life, within the world of a pre-schooler.

In Edinburgh & East Calder.

Little Keynotes

Students in P1-P3 begin lessons in the Little KeyNotes program. This is a curriculum that uses games, singing, colouring and many other props to introduce students to the notes of the piano, 5-finger C position and basic rhythms. Each week, students add a new note to their repertoire and learn pieces based around a theme such as Animal Alphabet or On the Farm.

In Edinburgh & East Calder.


Students in P4-P7 can begin can begin in our Storytellers program. Songs are used to illustrate stories and students learn keyboard geography, finger numbers, rhythms, and musical elements through learning to play those songs. Many even sing with their own playing! Storytellers books come in both a pre-reader and a reader version (the latter having pitch notation) and will be used depending on the age and prior knowledge of the student.

Solfa (5-8yrs)

Our themed classes filled with songs, games and music, help children to develop their voices, listening skills, musical awareness and communication. Perfect for children who are shy or reluctant to learn music by themselves. No musical skills or note-reading experience necessary!

In Edinburgh only.


Our daughter has been taking piano lessons with Hanah since the age of 6. Hanah's patient and encouraging style is great to support confidence and we are seeing our daughter develop as a young musician. She looks forward to, and enjoys, her lessons with Hanah and we are grateful for how well Hanah managed to transition from in person to online learning to allow progress even during COVID-19 restrictions. We would recommend Hanah without reservation.
Piano Lessons
When I started lessons with Hanah 5 years ago I could not read music or play the piano. With lots of patience, support and encouragement over the years from Hanah I have achieved both of these. Whilst I am not the quickest learner Hanah has given me the confidence to try both traditional and contemporary pieces of music which I really enjoy.
Piano Lessons
I have attended weekly piano lessons with Hanah for the last 5 years since the age of 12. The support she has given me and continues to provide both practically and theoretically has been invaluable in helping me work towards achieving my goal, which is to graduate from university and ultimately go on to become a professional musician.
Piano Lessons

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